What is Ridge Preservation?

Ridge preservation is a bone grafting procedure that reconstructs the jawbone where a lost tooth has left an empty, frail socket. If a tooth is lost or extracted, the empty space left behind by the tooth root is known as the socket. When a tooth is missing, the tissues and jawbone around the socket can diminish and be reabsorbed back into the body. This degradation of the jawbone prevents many dental restoration procedures, such as tooth implants, from being effective. Ridge preservation is a treatment designed to reverse this process and restore the degraded jawbone, allowing other dental restoration procedures to be effective.

How Ridge Preservation Treatment Works

Dr. Gregg McKenzie will place one of a few different types of special bone grafting products. These products help stimulate the regrowth of your natural jawbone into the empty socket. The surgical site will be stitched up, and your mouth will need to heal for approximately 3-5 months. This gives your jawbone enough time to heal before additional restorative efforts are implemented.

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Ridge preservation repairs jawbone loss by rebuilding the bone in the lost tooth’s empty socket. This rebuilding lays the groundwork for dental implants and a new, complete smile!
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